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Products Showcase

Here are some of the products we use or some that might be of interest to you for your project.

If you have a question about a product that you would like more information on, contact us and we will answer it as soon as possible.

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Zotz Electrical Logo

P&S Logo We use Pass and Seymour / LeGrand as our primary device brand, though, we can get others if you desire. With P & S devices and plates, the devices have the best retaining quality for attaching conductors and the plates are slightly over-sized, non-breakable and have a matte finish that blends into the wall versus glossy ones that stick out against a wall.

Lutron Logo Lutron Ariandi Dimmers are the primary dimmers that we use. They are an attractive switch and easy to use, also featuring true 3-way dimming and up to 1000 watt capacity and they fit into a standard switch plate. We also use their fan speed controls, too. Lutron also have other products for your home, including; other lighting controls, window shades, sensors and lighting fixtures.

Feit Logo We primarily use Feit Electric brand lamps for our fixtures that we install. And also, recommend them for customer provided fixtures. They offer numerous lamp types for any application or lamp base socket. Being LED, not only do they have standard and primary colors to choose from but the LED can be made to simulate the different color spectrums of natural light, be it candlelight up to the spectrum of natural sunlight. The wonderful thing about LED lamps is that if they work when you switch them on for the first time, they will continue to work, in some accounts up to twenty years. They save money in reduced energy to use, replacement cost and labor costs to change out burned out lamps.

Nora Lighting Logo We have found that Nora Lighting recessed trims are very pleasant to look at and hug the ceiling very well. There are also different styles to choose from. There are no adjustments for the lamps, as with other brands, so all the trims and lamps look perfectly uniform with each other. The recessed trims are of a type that are all enclosed, where as other brands you can see the can housing if you look up into the trim area. The recess housing cans are manufactured nicely and are durable. For under-cabinet and different accent lighting, the Nora LED Tape Lighting works especially well in use, illumination and the low profile where cumbersome fixtures will not work.

Kidde Logo We use Kidde Smoke Detectors. They are easy to service for the homeowner and we have not had problems with them after we have installed them. With the new carbon monoxide detector code that has been instituted since January 2007, we have decided to install a combo smoke/co detector by the bedrooms and one on the mechanical area level. The state building code requires one by the bedrooms only. Click here for the manual for the smoke detector we use.

AirZone Logo For our bath exhaust fans we use AirZone SE-Series. It is a quiet exhaust fan with many quality features, such as energy efficiency, rust-proof, thermal fuse protection and more. There is also a wider array of models to choose from than our standard installation, cfm rating, sone level, exhaust fan/light combinations and heating elements.

Square D Logo We use Square D panels and disconnects. I have found that they are the fastest and safest at interrupting current to save the customer from electrical shock. Primarily, I use the HomeLine version of Square D panels for cost savings, though the QO version may be slightly better. We will use other brands in some applications only if we are adding to existing service equipment in a property that already has another brand.

Allied Moulded Logo For our device and lighting outlet boxes we use Allied Moulded Products. They are very durable and have the strength to hold your fixtures to the ceiling. When the sheetrockers install the drywall, they retain their shape unlike the plastic boxes that warp under the pressure of the drywall. We also use Allied for our keyless and pullchain lampholders. They have a greater longevity than the porcelain type that may crack and break if abused or installed too tightly. In some cases, we use the Allied utility lampholder that uses a GU24 fluorescent lamp for illumination.

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