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Idea & Work Gallery

Here are some examples of work we have installed before. These will help you evaluate our work or give you ideas of things you might like to install in your project.

Contact us if you would like more information on these images or other techniques that would add something special to your home.

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UnderCabinet Light On Granite

UnderCabinet Light at Kagan Model Milaca A/G Reception Desk Jon's Kitchen Corner Wine Fridge

Here are examples of what fluorescent undercabinet lighting looks like installed to the bottom side of upper cabinets. The lighting really fills in the dark areas on the countertops and in the kitchen, especially when you are working there and your body is blocking the overhead light from shining on the countertop. Use it as a nightlight, also. Fluorescent undercabinet lighting fixtures come in three different lamp types, T/5, T/8 and T/12. And in different sizes, approximately 1" to 1 1/2" high and 12" to 48" long. It is advisable to have your cabinet maker install a trim cove or something similar to hide the fixture. In that way, the fixture is completely hidden and the light appears as if from nowhere.
Kagan LR

Kagan MBR Mini Recess Reading Lights Kagan Walk-In Shower Drop Ceiling Recess Kagan Shower Stall Kagan Shower Stall Sink Area Recess

Here are examples of what recess lighting looks like. Recess lighting is very versatile, you can use it for the main lighting of a room, accent lighting, highlite lighting, outdoors in soffits, or to light just a small area that is dark. The only problem with the recess trims is that they come in a limited color selection. But they may be painted to match the decor of your home. We use Nora Lighting brand of recess cans and trims.
Davis 24v Xenon Puck Lights

Buss Sink Puck Lighting Upper Cabinet Puck Lighting Puck Lighting Puck Lighting 24v Transformers

Here are examples of what puck lighting looks like. I highly suggest when you build a beautiful cabinet, curio or hutch with glass doors that you use some form of lighting so you can see your memorabilia or knick knacks. Puck lighting is very good as a display light in cabinets. They are small hockey puck shaped fixtures that can be surface mounted or semi-flush mounted. They are powered by 120v or 24v. There are three styles of lamps, halogen is the most common, xenon run slightly cooler and are dimmable, and LED. I have also installed these as undercabinet lighting.
Faux Ivy Mixed With White Light String

Cross With Backlighting Mailbox Alcove Lighting

Here are examples of what you can do with different techniques of lighting to dress up your home. Intertwine string lighting with faux foliage, use fluorescent, recess or puck light fixtures to highlight certain areas, rope lighting or certain plug-in type fixtures for back lighting or highlighting that dark area or use colored lamps. Using these techniques, it will really dress up an area with lighting and create the right aura for what you are seeking. Our imagination and the product available is the limit.
ToeKick Lighting Here is an example of what toekick lighting looks like on base cabinets, we used rope light on this application. Notice how it reflects off of the tile. It is good as an accent light or as a night light for you or when you have guests over. I have also installed this in a bathroom before, for that very reason. It really adds to the aura of the room.
Jon H.'s Kitchen

Steplites In Down Stairwell Bath Fan/Light Combo Jeff S.' Fireplace Jon H.'s Bath Jon H.'s Fireplace Arlington J-Block Cover Vault Block For Fixture Canopy P&S Receptacle / Night Light Combo

Here are some general lighting and power outlet images to show our work.
Byron B.'s Mechanicals

Furnace Conduit FurnaceConduit2 Howard M's Garage Receptacles Howard M's Transitional Conduit Truss Wiring Electro Industries 18kw Boiler Vapor Barrier Repair

Here are some general conduit or equipment images to show our work.
John S'. Beach Pole Light

John S'. Post Receptacle Milaca A/G Parking Light Control Milaca A/G Sign LB Exiting Outdoors

Here are images of electrical equipment mounted outdoors. There are many different needs for electricity outdoors and with the proper techniques and a little imagination we can install these for you.
Service On Pole Closeup

Service On Pole Garage 100amp Overhead Service Overhead Service Conduit Flashing

Here are different examples of service equipment. There are many different uses and ways of installing service equipment, especially on rural homesteads with numerous buildings. Sometimes in homes, we will add subpanels in different parts of the house or garage to distribute power more efficiently. Also, whenever we do a service upgrade on a service pole we add a GFCI receptacle for your convenience on the pole.
Foyer Chandelier With Lamp Shades

Foyer Sconce Lighting Lithonia Steplight Fluorescent T12 Two Lamp Wrap

Here are some examples of different indoor light fixtures that we have installed.
Tree Design Coach Light

500watt Halogen Flood Light Post Light Dual PAR 30 Motion Spot Light Dual Halogen Motion Spot Light

Here are some examples of different outdoor light fixtures that we have installed.
Closet Fluorescent

Closet Fluorescent

Here are examples of when you need a light in a standard closet where you cannot mount a fixture on the ceiling. In these closets, we mounted an undercabinet style fixture on the wall above the doors. The picture was taken without a flash or the use of backlighting.
Ceiling Fan Fished In

Garage Of Fished Fan

Here is an example of what "miracles" we can work. The owners of this home in Andover, MN called us and asked if it was possible to get a ceiling fan in their study because of no breeze in that room. The study is on the main floor of a two story house and they wanted as little damage as possible so they did not need to repair drywall. What we did was access the ceiling space from the garage, install an expandable fan brace box and fish power to the fan brace box. The fan they purchased came with a remote control switch and the job was complete... no damage in the home. We did need to cut an access in the garage and you can see by the image that we did a good job removing and replacing the piece. The homeowner put duct tape on the seam that we cut.

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